Sabrina Bryan Provides a Mark Ballas Update

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As she navigates the country - sans boyfriend - on the Dancing with the Stars tour, it's apparent where the mind of Sabina Bryan is at.

She's thinking about Mark Ballas, who's waiting for her at home as he recovers from recent shoulder surgery. The Cheetah Girl will be by his side in time for the holidays, though.

"I brought him a little gift basket the night of his surgery of movies [and] his favorite candy... because it's hard to just have to sit there and not really be able to do much," she said. "He's somebody who's active so much, so to actually just take a moment and just relax is a lot for him."

"The doctors said the surgery went beautifully and he should be recovering just perfectly," she added, making us all smile over how adorable this couple is together.

Sabrina, Mark

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