An Interview with Marcy Rylan

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The past 12 months were an eventful time period for Lizzie Spaulding.

As such, caught up with her portrayer, Marcy Rylan, at a recent photo shoot to find out what is in store for Lizzie this year on Guiding Light.

Adult Storyline

I started on the show and did the whole baby storyline and the Jonathan/Tammy/Lizzie triangle. I lost my baby. Honestly, I thought something would happen to the baby. Because it's a soap opera! We do all these adult storylines - who wants a crying baby around the set?

Marcy Rylan Pic

I was nervous after the baby died that [the producers] would jump right into a love interest. Sometimes you see that a baby is born and then next week you tune in and it's like the baby didn't happen. The Jonathan/Tammy/Sarah storyline was a really big deal, from the way they left the show and Tammy's death which was heart-wrenching.

When we were shooting all those scenes all the actors doing it were sad because, yes, the characters were dying but, we were also losing the actors.

Read the entire interview with Rylan now.

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