Ryan Serhart Blogs About As the World Turns Exit

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Earlier this week, Ryan Serhant blogged about his stint on As the World Turns:

Today was my last day at As The World Turns. I've known since the beginning of my contract what Evan's purpose was and that he would only be on the canvas for 14 weeks. I was hoping that Evan might have gotten a little meatier of a storyline, and not be so useless, but with the writer's strike, certain (things) had to be overlooked.

But I came in and I went out the way I was told in the beginning, so I'm happy about that. Evan's last day is February 14th.

I am so grateful for these last few months and they could not have come at a better time for me. The contract win was not what I expected, but I tried to do the best with whaht I was given. I met some amazing people in Oakdalelynn, and I learned a lot.

I will miss everyone I had the pleasure of working with. But Evan's best days are yet to air, so don't give up on him yet!

So, it's obvious that Evan is the one who poisoned Bob and will off Dusty, isn't it? There wasn't much doubt before, but this pretty much seals that deal.

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