Scott Bryce Dishes on As the World Turns Character

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Before Scott Bryce leaves As the World Turns - the actor has, sadly, been let go from the series - he sat down with Soap Opera Digest to discuss the transformation of his character.

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Specifically, the fallout from Craig's recent misdeeds.

"It was tough to play, because I had to play the ambivalence of him and not the monstrosity," said Bryce, noting the awful twist of Craig slipping Meg a miscarriage drug. "What was driving him insane was not so much that she was pregnant by somebody else — which would drive any man insane — but that it was Paul, his arch-enemy."

Not that anything excuses what Craig did.

"When I first heard about it and I didn't know that he knocked the glass out of Meg's hand, I was thinking, ‘This is irredeemable,'" said Bryce. "If he had actually gone through with it... forget it. There is never any coming back from that."

Overall, Bryce noted: "Craig doesn't know he's a bad guy, so he gets obsessive-compulsive and it's like a freight train. It's very hard to stop before there's huge damages."

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