Marcus Patrick Dishes on Playgirl Scandal

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Thanks to a nude spread in Playgirl last year, Marcus Patrick was fired from Days of Our Lives. Recently, for the first time, the (gorgeous!) actor talked about the controversy:

Question: Let’s talk about the Playgirl scandal. What was your decision making? Did you run this by your publicist or your agent? Did they approach you? How did this go down?
Marcus Patrick: Actually, yeah, they approached me. My agent told me about and said, “They’ve offered you a celebrity shoot” and I was like, “I don’t know about that”. Then they started saying, “David Hasselhoff, Burt Reynolds, Tyrese Gibson…”

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They started naming those who had done it and I thought - you know, it’s no secret that I dance at both straight and gay bars. I’m very comfortable with sexuality and some nudity. Am I prepared to let it all out for Playgirl? And I thought, “What the heck, I’m only young once. I’m not going to have this body forever”.

Question: Did you expect repercussions from the Playgirl spread?
Patrick: I did. I knew I’d get all kinds of negative tabloid rumors and junk. I kind of thrive off that stuff. Anyone who has ever been popular has 50/50 - you get fifty percent positive stuff and you get fifty percent negative. The negative stuff is actually pretty funny. I mean, most of it’s not true.

You kind of just have to look at it like even bad publicity is good publicity. As long as you’re holding it together, which is what I do. I’m really quite the relaxed, calm business person. I have my house, I don’t really go out and do any wild partying.

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