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Deelishis is speaking out a lot these days.

The supposed winner of Flavor of Love 2, this vixen scarcely even heard from Flavor Flav after that reality show finished filming. How come? According to Flav, Deelishis' new clothing business was the reason why she left the rapper.

But Deelishis takes exception to this accusation.

"No I did not leave Flav to sell blue jeans, I didn't leave Flav at all," she recently wrote on her MySpace blog. "Honestly, William Drayden and I were never really a couple, for the day I won, inevitably was the day I loss. Fearing that the show was all a stage to entertain, I often ask Flav, ‘Is this real or are you just having fun?'

He was always calm and with a sincere and straight face replied, ‘Yes this is real, and I do wanna have you in my life'. Now many of you may say I was being naive to believe in a reality love affair, but at the time it felt right."

So, what happened?

"Love is not what Flav wanted, at least not when it came time to renew his reality show contract. He had a choice, sign up for a new season or stick it out with Dee. But he didn't think twice," the former contestant said. "After I won the show and the reunion was taped, Flav distanced himself from me. He changed his number and was advised to cut all ties, or he would ruin the possibilities of a third season."

As we now know, of course, Flavor of Love 3 is, indeed, up and running.

As for Deelishis? She says she started her jean business because she felt she had more to offer the world than the sexy physique that "grace[d]…wonderful sexy men magazines."

Moreover, she makes it clear this venture was started on her own:

"I did it without Flav not because I left him, I did it without Flav because he WAS NOT THERE!!! How can you leave someone who was never there? I am a single mom, who has the right to take care of business by all means necessary!

And as women, we now know that we don't have to wait on no MAN to handle our business! I did not compromise my character nor his, nor our relationship by starting my own entrepreneurship."

Overall, this diva makes a good point about what Flavor Flav is supposedly looking for:

"He says we were a bad batch of women, and that this time around he doesn't want a girl who's gonna be famous off of him, well here's a suggestion Flav: don't date on national television, cause everyone on that show is going to inherit some sort of fame."

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