Spencer Pratt: Heidi Montag's Next Video will Blow... Your Mind

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Simply the Worst
We have a feeling any music from Heidi Montag will blow chunks far more than it will blow anyone's mind.

But Spencer Pratt claims that the next video from his awful girlfriend will "blow people's minds very soon," and that it will be released "within the month."

Thank goodness. We haven't had anything to mock this couple for in hours.

Montag told People magazine she's been eagerly plugging away at her musical career, working in the studio "every night for about two months." The next song will sound different than her previous, abysmal effort, "Higher."

"It's all different," Montag said. "There's some edgier stuff, they're some fun dance tracks â€" it's everything. It's definitely going to be different than what everyone suspects."

As for her influences, Heidi mentioned Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, Christina Aguilera and, well, the Beatles. Of course.

"I feel like all artists inspire music in one way or another," The Hills star profoundly said.

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