Martha Byrne: Leaving As the World Turns

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According to TV Guide, Procter & Gamble has confirmed that two-time Emmy winner Martha Byrne will soon exit As the World Turns.

Other websites are reporting that the fan favorite — who plays Lily Snyder — turned down an insulting offer to re-sign her contract. But the show's executive producer Chris Goutman says this isn't the case.

“We made Martha an incredibly generous offer in hopes that she would remain a valuable member of the As the World Turns cast,” Goutman says in a statement. “Unfortunately, Martha has decided to leave despite our best efforts to keep her.”

Those close to the situation swear that’s valid.

“When Goutman says ‘generous,’ he means it — the offer was generous by anyone’s standards,” insists one longtime staffer. “I don’t know what else the show could have done for Martha.”

The actress, who is still taping episodes, will be off the air by April.

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