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Now that Martha Byrne has shot her final scene for As the World Turns, the actress is free to discuss her controversial exit from the show. That's exactly what she recently did with TV Guide... Your fans are furious about this, and I know because I'm one of 'em! What the hell happened here?
Martha Byrne: This was the situation: Last year, I was asked to take a tremendous pay cut, and I did so willingly because I love As the World Turns and understood the financial situation the show was facing. I was willing to do anything to keep the show going, including giving up money, so we worked out a one-year contract. One year later, we go into this new contract negotiation and I had only one request.

I thought it was only fair — and I wanted it on paper — that I would work the same amount of days this year that I did last year. I considered it a gesture of good faith on their part. I asked for nothing else. Zero. But I was told that this could not be put into my contract and, that same day, the show sent out a breakdown notice to recast my role. Was that supposed to be a scare tactic?
Byrne: Maybe. But I thought it was inappropriate. That shouldn't happen in the middle of negotiations. My request didn't warrant that kind of tactic, if in fact it was a tactic. After that, things went from bad to worse. I can't get into those details but it solidified my decision to leave the show.

I never intended to speak about this but I now feel I must after Chris put out that press release saying they did everything they could to keep me. I do not feel that was the case, and I feel the fans deserve the truth.

Read the full Byrne interview now.

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