The Girls Next Door Preview: Athletes Welcome!

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Here's a preview for tonight's episode of The Girls Next Door:

The show will feature two prominent figures from the world of sports. Professional surfer Kelly Slater and Olympic gold-medalist swimmer Amanda Beard will appear on the series, the latter of which has posed naked for Hugh Hefner's publication.

Slater will be present to provide the girls some surfing tips, while Beard will be busy giving Holly Madison some much-needed swimming lessons.

Meanwhile, as previously announced, all three Hefner girlfriends are appearing on the cover for the third time for the magazine's March issue.

"It kinda happened by accident," Hefner told the Associated Press.  "It was not the original plan.  I knew we were overdue for a cover featuring the girls.  For our annual sexiest celebrities list, we always get votes from readers on the Internet of who should be on the top of the list.  Lo and behold, as the votes were coming in, we found the girls moving up higher and higher on the list."

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