Ambre Lake Update: Dating Bret Michaels and... That's It

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On a recent MySpace blog, Ambre Lake claimed there was no Rock of Love 3 in the works. She didn't make any far fetched assumptions that her and Bret Michaels were getting married, either, though.

"We are dating and as we both discussed on the reunion show we are not disillusioned," Ambre wrote. "Don't think we're going to run off and get married.  We are dating in the 'real' world and just seeing where things will go."

Regarding the Daisy and Heather cat fight, during the show's reunion special, Ambre didn't offer any new insight:

"I know there has been a lot of animosity between the two of them and I can understand that, but I just feel it was unfortunate that it had to become physical."

In closing, Ambre said she's been venturing into various projects to further her television career. She didn't offer much detail, however.

"I have been traveling doing some appearances and auditioning like crazy for upcoming projects," she wrote.  "I will keep you guys posted on new things as they come along."

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