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The Cornwall Standard Freeholder recently featured Judith Chapman in an article. Here's an excerpt from the story about this The Young and the Restless star:

Judith Chapman Still
Tired of banging her head against Hollywood's thick brick walls due to subtle forms of ("non-existent") discrimination facing all film and television actresses over 40, Judith Chapman packed up her makeup and most of her belongings and moved 125 miles east to the spectacular desert setting of Palm Springs, Calif., in 1991.

She never regretted the stunning change of venue and the adoption of a new lifestyle, which included teaching drama at College of the Desert for several semesters, plus starring in, directing and producing plays at the local Palm Canyon Theater. But 13 years later, she discovered that she was "getting a little weary" of the desert. Simply, her small corner of the vast Mojave Desert was not enough.

"Something was calling me away and I told my partner, James (St. James), that if got a job in Vancouver, I would probably take it," said Chapman, 62, over a light lunch at the Vineyard Tuscan Grill, the downtown Palm Springs bistro she helps operate with restaurateur St. James when time permits.

Striking, she is slim and trim in a loose pink sweater, tight blue jeans and a wide-brimmed straw hat pulled down almost to her blue eyes.

"Then I received a call out of the blue from my agent, saying an actress on the soap 'The Young and the Restless' wanted out and a replacement was needed," she recalled.

Read the full article now.

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