Pamela Anderson Reality Show, Apocalypse Set for Summer

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Pamela Anderson Photo
We suppose we should give Pamela Anderson props for no longer attempting to act. After all, we did see Superhero Movie.

Still, the only time this Baywatch star should be on our TV is during her sex tape.

Instead, the large-breasted actress will appear in "observational documentary" series â€" tentatively titled Pamela â€" set to debut this summer on E!.

According to a network release:

"Viewers will get to know the real woman behind the famous breasts and follow Pam as she tries to juggle love, career and peace of mind. Going beyond the fame and fortune, this is Pam at her core, living her life with no regrets."

Fortunately, the series will feature only Anderson, not her children, which is a welcome contrast to another E! show, which stars Denise "I'm an awful person" Richards and her two daughters.

Let us know: Will you watch a reality show starring Pamela Anderson?

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