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Why am I humming that old song “My boyfriends back and you’re gonna be in trouble…” ha… because BRYAN’S BACK!!! Yay!!!!

Bryan, James and I shot some photos for Soap Opera Digest today, so that’ll be out in early May. It’s so great having him back, but uh… OMG – the scenes around Lucas’ return [to Days of Our Lives] are… (insert adjective here – correct answer? All of the above)!!! So total classic soap. I have so much I want to say about this… seriously.

The Latest Alison Sweeney Blog Entry

I’m dying to tell you all about it right now… but of course, you know me… I’d hate to spoil it for all of you. So, you’ll just have to watch and we can discuss when you get caught up!

It’s been so fun working with Dee and Drake more lately. They are so AWESOME and fun to do scenes with. And the ‘new’ John just cracks me up. It’s so fun to watch Drake working on the character, and all his ideas. I love how even in the middle of disaster, or emotional turmoil, John will just say something that has everyone turning to him thinking “wtf?!!”. Lol.

How GREAT was Jillian on the show today??!!! We had so much fun working with her. Though it was total ‘worlds colliding’ having her on the Days set. She knew all her lines, and was totally professional and fantastic on set, and yet she was nervous. Which was so cute and un-Jill-like. I was reassuring her “you’re doing great!” and she said she felt her best when she was yelling at me to get my hands off the treadmill. Lol.

No doubt. In rehearsals she kept mistakenly calling me ‘Ali’ instead of ‘Sami’. P.S. that was real sweat. During rehearsal of the scenes where I was on the treadmill, she kept upping my speed and incline to make sure I was ‘getting my heart rate up’, you know, while I was at it.

Ben is SO fantastic. Growing so quickly. He goes on all these playdates with his classmates. And it’s just so crazy cute to hear him talking about his ‘friends’. I don’t know why this makes him seem so mature to me. I love seeing/hearing every new thing he learns, and yet my heart aches to see him grow so quickly!!!

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