Ricky Paull Goldin Blog: Cameron Mathison is a Sweetheart

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In his latest version of Ricky's Ramblings, Ricky Paull Goldin writes about recent scenes on All My Children:

For all you ladies out there, I did my first scenes with Cameron Mathison last night. And yes he is a sweetheart and a very giving scene partner.

I want to give him a shout out, because I had all this hospital medical jargon to spew, but I f****d up a few times, thank you for putting up with my cursing in between takes!

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Let me tell you something people, playing a doctor but doing it well, ain't easy. I'm actually going to silo some doctors through the ER as part of my research and due diligence on this character. One thing I can't stand is for any of that stuff to look or sound fake. My job just got ten times harder.

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