Learn to Be a Reality TV Star!

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What, you think anyone can be a reality TV star?

It takes a learned ability to pose in a bikini like Heidi Montag; or reject your supposedly perfect mate like, well, any star of The Bachelor.

Fortunately, you can learn these traits and more at the New York Reality TV School! Seriously!

Learn to Be a Reality TV Star!

As the official website says:

Every week thousands of people audition for Reality TV shows, the competition is fierce and the odds of making it past the first round of submissions are very slim.

AND if you are lucky enough to be noticed and fortunate enough to be called in, will you be able handle the pressure of this once in a lifetime opportunity?

Gain the competitive advantage by training with professionals who are passionate about the business and who work in Reality TV development, casting, producing and directing.

Send in your application today! Then fill out your will. Your life is pretty much over.

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