A Detailde Analysis of the Heroes Season Two Trailer

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Remember that two-minute preview of Heroes season two? Here it is again:


A television critic at TV Guide has actually broken down the video scene by scene, second by secomd. Here's an inside look at what he's come up with:

0:02 Angela tells a strapped-down Sylar, "You are indeed very special... and you need to be strong for what's to come."  Since when are these two chummy?

0:15 HRG to Claire: "Since before you were even born, I was finding these people and locking them away so they couldn’t hurt anybody."

0:21 Claire is trapped in a closet while Sylar looms outside; prepare to have your brain sucked out, Claire. Tough break.

0:24 It's Matt Parkman... stranded in the middle of some arid plain!

0:28 A close-up of someone's eye snapping open; we suspect it's Angela, or someone else wearing eyeliner. (Sylar?)

0:31 Creepy NBC promo guy says, "Welcome to Level 5... a secret prison for the greatest threat to society." We are digging the premise that there was a holding cell for specially abled baddies. That said, "the greatest threat to society" immediately makes me think of the popularity of The Hills.

0:43 "Where'd they go?" barks Peter. Answers Mom, plainly, "Escaped." Angela doesn’t seem too broken up about it, either.

0:50 "Hello, Claire."

0:56 "There are quantum leaps in science one dreams of being a part of." It wouldn’t be Heroes without Mohinder waxing scientifically.

1:01 Mo and Maya macking! Waxing scientifically = aphrodisiac.

1:04 Hiro meets "the Speedster"

1:13 Mohinder jabs syringe into his arm; What sort of powers are left for Nice Guy, Science Guy to develop?

1:23 It's Niki/Jessica/(Tracy?)... in lingerie!

1:36 A city explodes!

1:41 Claire holds a gun on Peter

Otherwise known as the ending to Hayden and Milo's worst date ever. But, seriously, what's up with brunette and badass Claire-bear? Did the cheer squad lose regionals?

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