Dee Adams is a Shear Genius

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Congratulations are in order for Dee Adams. She won this summer's Shear Genius title and recently talked with BuddyTV about the title...

Did you get along with everybody on the show this season?
I did get along with pretty much everyone, with the exception of Charlie. He had a way of getting under my skin but I just had to prove that, at the end of it all, I was a better stylist.

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Dee Adams is a Shear Genius.

Going up against Charlie and Nicole, in the finals, were you nervous at all?
I was more nervous about just getting the job done, more than them winning. I was just more timing of the actual timing – 3 hours to do 4 people, color, cut and style, is almost nearly impossible.

What was the most difficult challenge for you this season?
The most difficult challenge, I would say, would have to be the dog challenge just because I’ve never cut a dog before. I don’t even own a dog, I have a cat! That was definitely something challenging, something out of my comfort zone I’ve never done before but I nailed it.

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