Dillon Casey Speaks on MVP Character

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MVP star Dillon Casey recently spoke with soap opera guru Michael Fairman. Here are excerpts from the interview:

Q: Now, you had highlights in your hair that you were cutting off in the mirror because your character was getting fed up. That was shortly before driving the Escalade through the dealership storefront. It seems Trevor may need some anger-management! But, how did the hair highlights come about in the storyline?

Dillon Casey: What we did in that episode was my agent wanted to give Trevor a makeover… to give Trevor more of a media friendly image. They had him doing the underwear ad, which he did, and that did not end up turning out so well. Well, I guess it did. (He laughs)

Basically, his agent catches him off guard and tells him. “We have a cereal company and it’s going to be great.” You know, Trevor is this kid from Loon Lake, and in the morning he is the kind of guy that throws on whatever is in front of him, and he never has really had to think about how he gels his hair. He has a sort of ‘get up and go’ mentality, and all of a sudden, he has this agent telling him how to dress, how to talk to people, and what to do with his hair.

There is a part of him that knows that something is up, especially when he walks into the locker room in a suit. “Team Trevor” put the highlights in his hair. I did not dye my hair in real-life. They put in extensions and blonde clips, and red clips.

Q: How was working with Natalie Krill, who plays Molly, and Anastasia Phillips, who plays Tabbi?

Dillon Casey: I would always hit on them relentlessly, but they both had boyfriends. It was great! We were all really great friends, and it was funny to know that Anastasia, who played Tabbi, and I found out we had a lot of friends that we both went to university with. So, we had a lot in common with mutual connections. We were immediate friends. Natalie and I had the same sense of humor. We got along really well, and all of it was good.

Everybody on the set got along so well, and that is one of the saddest reasons for it being cancelled, because we were all such good friends. It was sad to think that we would not all hang out again.

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