Emily Brandle Speaks on Project Runway Ouster

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Offed fashionista Emily Brandle is still bitter about her surprise Project Runway elimination on this week's episode, and is sounding off about it in a new interview with EW.com ...

Q: What'd you think about the way that they portrayed you and your loss?

Emily Brandle: Well, first of all, I was shocked that I got kicked off! What were they thinking?

Q: Was it hard to watch Project Runway at all?

Emily Brandle: Yeah, absolutely. Surreal. It was very strange to see it and know that the whole world will see it. It was a different experience, kind of being there and being in the moment for the whole experience. You're like, Right, the world is going to see this.

Emily Brandle

Q: Let's break it down a bit. What happened?

Emily Brandle: What happened is that I got the boot. I should not have gone! You know, fashion is subjective. For whatever reason, the judges and/or producers thought it was my time to go. I wouldn't change my dress. You know, I stand by it. The shoulda-woulda-couldas is not a game that I play, so it's done, you know? I make a beautiful collection, Smoke & Mirrors. My best friend and business partner and I have been doing it for a year and a half, and you know, that's what it's really about, the real work.

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