Bret Michaels is Ready for the Love Bus

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Bret Michaels is 0-2 in the reality TV relationship department.

On season one of Rock of Love, he offered his heart and soul - or at least his penis - to Jes Rickleff. But she rejected him cold, actually saying she already had a boyfriend.

“When Jes came back [for a season one reunion show] she said, ‘I have a boyfriend and I only did the show because I thought it would be fun,'” Michaels said in an interview this week with the Grand Junction Free Press.

“He didn't get jealous when we were on TV sucking face,” Michaels added.

Bret Michaels, Women

Bret Michaels says: Bring on more babes!

Undettered, Michaels filmed Rock of Love 2 and selected Ambre Lake to be his soulmate. But that didn't work out, either.

Now, the rocker is ready for the show's third installment, Rock of Love Bus, which he says is a better representation of his life.

“I've never had a normal dating life. I was 18 when I left Pennsylvania and came to California in a van. I've pretty much been a nomad or a gypsy for six to seven months of my life a year,” Michaels said.

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