DeAnna Pappas, Jesse Csincsak Torn on Wedding Venues

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After publicly declaring they wanted to get hitched in the Bahamas – where they’d fallen in love on The Bachelorette – DeAnna Pappas and fiancé Jesse Csincsak’s "destination" wedding may be changing ... destinations.

“At first we said the Bahamas and now we’re kind of torn between a few different places,” DeAnna Pappas told People on Thursday.

They do know, however, what they’ll be wearing.

“I’ll wear a white dress, and we are going with some brown bridesmaid dresses, that’s all I care about,” said Pappas, 26.

DeAnna Pappas, Jesse Csincsak

As for the snowboarding pro and his fellas? “We’re not going to wear tuxes,” said Jesse Csincsak, also 26. "We’re going to get custom-made suits. I might wear some Nike 6.0’s instead of uncomfortable dress shoes.”

The couple, now in full wedding planning mode, is said to be planning an all-out celebration for their scaled-down May 9, 2009 nuptials.

“We want to do like a four-day weekend where you do a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday,” said Jessie Csincsak.

“My family and her family can get together and do fun stuff.” Pappas added, “They get along very, very well. They love each other.”

Andy Baldwin is said to be officiating at this. Seriously.

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