Heroes Season Three Spoilers: A Look Ahead

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Following this week's incredible two-hour premiere of Heroes, fans understandably have many questions about what lies ahead.

Kristin from E! Online claims to have a few answers. Here's her latest look at what's to come on season three:

Claire's Heading for Mommy Dearest: Claire's will be focused on a mission to fight back after her Sylar encounter. Biomom to the rescue! Yes, as you've seen, Jessalyn Gilsig (Meredith) is back in the next episode, and it turns out she knows a thing or two about combat.

Ali Larter Will Be Called "The Ice Queen": She will be bitchy, lethal - and promptly hopping in the sack with Nathan Petrelli for some decidedly unchilly action. Hot diggity!

Mother Petrelli

Do you trust Mother Petrelli? Chime in now on our No Brotherly Love for Peter and Sylar: "We do have a couple of scuffles," Milo teases of what's ahead for his character and his new brother.

Angela Petrelli is Intriguing and Evil... Right? When asked if Angela's good or bad, Cristine Rose offers this glimpse of what's ahead:

"As of this volume, none of that applies. It's all up in the air. Nothing is as it seems. You will be totally surprised by everything, on every level. It's all about good and evil, and all of us walking that strange line between good and evil, and who is going to going to fall into the good category, and who is going to fall into the bad—and really stay there. It's a balancing act through the entire volume, and it's so good."

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