Kim Zimmer Speaks on Guiding Light Role

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Guiding Light star Kim Zimmer recently chatted with writer Michael Fairman. Here are highlights from the interview:

Q: It looks like the upcoming wedding of Reva and Jeffrey may have many bumping moments on the couple’s way to the altar. Is that true?
Kim Zimmer: It’s a calamity and a comedy of errors. There is some heavy-duty drama mixed in there, too.

Q: When you were given the Guiding Light cancer storyline, did you do any research for it?
Kim Zimmer: My sister is a cancer survivor, and she was able to treat it with radiation. So, she did not have to have a mastectomy or anything. I talked with her, and I wanted it to be different because Reva is Reva. She is not a reader. She lives day to day. So, I wanted the story to catch her by surprise everyday, and to really leave it in the hands of the writers to tell what Reva was going to go through.

I did not want to do a lot research on it, because I did not want to complicate the story with other people’s story. This was Revas’s journey, told through the eyes of the writer, David Kreizman.

Q: What are Reva’s thoughts, as she fears her cancer has returned right before the wedding?
Kim Zimmer: For obvious reasons, she starts to think if this is something she wants to strap onto Jeffrey. Going through the marriage then comes in to question, even though she knows he wants to be there for her…that is after it is revealed to Jeffrey, as well.

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