Reality TV Hosts Dish on Emmy Duties

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If any of the reality TV hosts set to take the stage for this weekend's Emmy Awards is nervous, none show it.

TV Guide recently talked with those in charge of shows such as American Idol and Dancing with the Stars to gauge their takes on the upcoming gig.

TV Guide: What makes you most qualified to be an Emmy host?
Ryan Seacrest: The fact that I’m unqualified.
Heidi Klum: I don’t necessarily see myself as being the most qualified, but I have to say it is an honor to be recognized, especially in the company of so many great hosts. I think, collectively, we make a good team of Emmy hosts, no?
Jeff Probst: Absolutely nothing. I was as shocked as anybody. I think all of us sense there’s a certain bit of skepticism — like, really? I think it’s important to establish early that we’re in on the joke — that we don’t take ourselves too seriously.
Tom Bergeron: The fact that I said yes when they asked me. Although I’ve heard rumors that they’re now thinking of Michael Phelps.
Howie Mandel: Probably my singing and dancing skills. And no, I will not be utilizing them. I promise not to utilize them, and that’s what most qualifies me.

TV Guide: If you won an Emmy, whom would you thank?
Ryan: Simon.
Heidi: I would be so excited. But the show is obviously a real team effort, so I would be speaking on behalf of our whole Runway family.
Jeff: My speech begins with my kindergarten teacher and concludes with the universe, which is my god —and I don’t care if the band starts playing. I’ll keep talking because I’m a host. And if I lose, I will tackle Seacrest, and I will take that Emmy one way or another.
Tom: I think I’d go the purely egotistical route and just get there and say, “None of you slobs had anything to do with this.”
Howie: Ikea, for the shelving. No, I would have to thank everybody at Deal or No Deal because they created this possibility of a win — which is not going to happen, by the way, so I don’t have to think about this.

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