The Heroes Season Premire, in Pictures

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, perhaps we should have just posted a few images from last night's season premiere instead of trying to recap the numerous twists and turns.

With heads still spinning from new story lines established for season three - Angela is Sylar's mother?!? Future Peter banished Present Day Peter into the body of a villain?!? Maya is still around?!? - we've collected the following pictures to help readers make sense of it all.

Click on each thumbnail below. We hope they help you understand everything that went down last night:

Meet Your Nemesis
A New Man
Brain on Display
Head Strong
Future Peter
Meet Tracey
A New Pal
Sylar's Mom?!?
You Moron, Peter!
The Butterfly Effect Pic

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Heroes Quotes

Can you ever escape?

Mohinder Suresh

Caitlin: I'm going with you.
Peter: No. I'm not risking your life too.
Caitlin: We were both in that Montreal painting. I think I'm supposed to go with you, Peter . Besides, when you find Ricky's killer, I want to be there.
Peter: What for?
Caitlin: To kill the bitch

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