TV Guide Previews Heroes Season Three

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Masi Oka, Hayden Panettiere and Zachary Quinto are featured on the latest cover of TV Guide.

The article on our favorite show delves deeply into the upcoming season, highlighting a few spoilers already covered on this site. But you can never get enough information about season three, right?

Here's an overview of what the magazine is reporting:

Oka, in Hiro's nemesis: “Daphne steals Hiro’s very destiny. And that’s not OK, because it’s his destiny to save the world. Again. For the third time in three seasons.”

Creator Tim Kring on speed of story telling
: “We’re moving very quickly and revealing a lot of secrets and surprises on Night 1 – the kinds we would have saved until Episode 7 or 8 in the past.”

Kring on main villain, Knox: “As a young guy, he was basically good at heart but was raised by a murderous Los Angeles street gang. He wants payback for being locked up and not considered a human being.”

Panettiere on Sylar: “Sylar has one fatal flaw: He can be hurt. He can die. So he goes after Claire, because she’s the one thing he wants to be – indestructible.”

Quinto on insight into his character: “The No. 1 question fans ask me is, ‘What does Sylar actually do with the brains of his victims after he absorbs their powers? Does he eat them?’ Well, you’re gonna get a little insight into that... He’ll be called upon to cultivate different sides of his persona in order to survive. There’s a part of him that doesn’t want to be this sick, creepy guy. He wants to be special and good.”

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