Derek Hough is Living with Shannon Elizabeth

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Derek Hough is making news on the dance floor these days, as he and season seven partner Brooke Burke are leading the competition.

But we're more curious about his life away from the camera, as this professional has admitted that he's living with former Dancing with the Stars partner - and current girlfriend - Shannon Elizabeth.

“[Mark Ballas] and I have an apartment, and I’m supposed to be living there,” Hough told People Magazine, “but I live with Shannon at her house, and our three [Almost Amy] bandmates live with Shannon and I.”

Hough, Elizabeth

Sounds like a bustling mansion, but Hough insists the actress doesn't mind.

“She was like, ‘They can stay here until they find a new place,’ And, once they started talking about finding a new place, Shannon and I were like, ‘Wait, we’re going to miss them when they go.’ And we were like, ‘Why don’t you just stay here? We’ll make rooms up for everyone.’”

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