Eileen Davidson Dishes on Writing Career

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Earlier this month, Eileen Davidson released "Death in Daytime." It's her first paperback soap opera mystery novel.

The actress spoke to CBS about the novel:

CBS.com: How did you become interested in writing?
Eileen Davidson: Oh gosh, well a long time ago I was writing in high school and college and I got some really good feedback about it but it was always in the back of my head as something I wanted to do. You know the first computer I got I considered writing children's books, but I was always pretty busy and just never found the time to do it. What happened was that my husband was approached to write a book about the poker world, a murder mystery with an author by the name of Robert Randese, he's a prolific mystery writer and they wrote a book together.

Robert lives in Missouri so he'd fly to California for a week or two at a time. One night he was over for dinner and I said we should do something around the soap opera world and he said he'd love to. A couple months later I followed it up and called him and asked if he was serious, he said absolutely and asked if I had any ideas. So I wrote up my ideas and we presented it to Penguin and we got a two book deal. So that's how it happened.

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Eileen Davidson is back on The Young and the Restless.

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