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BuddyTV was luckily enough to sit down with the beautiful leading lady of our favorite show.  Just what did the gorgeous JoAnna Garcia tell BuddyTV?  Read the following excerpt from the interview:

You've had a lot of practice at doing comedy because you had your role on Reba. Is comedy something that you enjoy doing? Does it come naturally to you?
I enjoy the challenge of comedy. What I really am enjoying, being on a single-camera show now, is playing with the subtleties of humor and all of that. It's a different world from doing a multi-camera show. It's a different type of performance. I really enjoy it. Obviously, I am a happy person; I like to laugh. I like to engage in that part of the world. It's a lot of fun.

Joanna Garcia as Megan Smith

I just have to mention that I loved your role on Freaks and Geeks as well, and I was so sad that that show didn't make it.
Thank you. I was so sad when that show went away too. What a great show it was. I'm just honestly so proud to have had any type of part in that show. I'm very proud of it. It definitely opened up a lot of doors comedically for me, and I learned so much from those guys. The Apatow world is a brilliant world of comedy.

Are there going to be any Reba or Freaks and Geeks reunions on Privileged?
I would love to have that happen, and I wouldn't be surprised. I mean, we're always looking for fun, new guest stars, so I wouldn't be surprised to have those names in a hat and prayed and begged and pulled all my favors to get them to come to it. They're all pretty busy, the Freaks and Geeks folk.

There are all these shows, like Privileged and 90210 and Gossip Girl, there are all these new shows about fabulously wealthy teenagers. Do you think it's just a coincidence that they're all on the air at the same time?
Our show is not even close to the same type of show. Our show, the wealth of the twins is very much a backdrop to our show. It's about a coming of age story, it's about making mistakes and dealing with bigger issues. It's got a lot of heart and we do it with a lot of levity. And we don't shy away from things, but we do it in a way that I'm really proud, the approach, that I'm really proud of. I think there's no secret: youth and wealth and beauty and all of those things are fun things to escape to, and when you're watching television, you want to be entertained. I think there's an element of entertainment to those type of things. I don't think there's a mystery to why those shows are a success, but what I am excited about is when people get a chance to check out our show. I think that we do stand apart, and not in a better or worse way. I just think we're different in that, yeah, we have a youthful show, but we deal with and approach things in a different way.

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