Brandi Cunningham: Done with Tequila!

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Brandi Cunningham learned a very important lesson during her time on Rock of Love Girls: Charm School: tequila sucks!

The recently-eliminated contestant spoke with MTV this week, as she responded to a question about the blackout viewers saw on the show...

What was your reaction to seeing yourself in that blackout?
Very embarrassing. I’m never drinking tequila again. I don’t even know how I spit that far or well in my state. I’m a very congested person. I get chronic sinus infections. So maybe that has something to do with it? I don’t understand my aim, though. You saw me on I Love Money, I couldn’t spit for the life of me. Then I get wasted on tequila and everything changes. I should enter a spitting contest or something. It’s horrible, though. I feel really bad. If someone spit on me, I’d be really upset. I’m just glad that Destiney actually forgave me and that I had the chance to tell her at that moment how sorry I was.

Did you learn anything?
I learned the right forks to use for salads and main courses, and where the cups go. I learned that I don’t look good with a big, prosthetic nose and black hair.

Occasional Porn Star

We hope to see Brandi Cunningham on another reality TV show again soon.

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