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Viewers haven't heard from The Haitian in awhile.

But actor Jimmy Jean-Louis tells TV Guide that last week's inclusion in a couple of flashbacks is just the beginning of this character's re-emergence on Heroes. We're about to learn a lot more about him.

"We will get to know him in Haiti, get to know his brother, get to know him," Jean-Louis told TV Guide, adding that personal details are set to be revealed. "Does he have a girl? Does he have a few girls? Kids?"

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As for the criticism levied against Heroes this season, Jean-Louis has obviously been watching the show. He has a few suggestions:

"I'd definitely say, less action, and let's concentrate more on the characters. In the first season, we had a lot of storylines. And then, from time to time you had an action, and that's what got people hooked. But now it seems to be a little too much action, like you expect it. Every minute, there's some hero exercising his power. We have to reduce that a little bit, so when it comes, it surprises people."

What do you think? Good advice?

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