Heroes Round Table: It's Coming

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Welcome to our 19th Heroes Round Table.

While fans of the show gather in the Timex: Definitely Sylar and Elle. Did you see Sylar with his shirt off? Have you seen Elle in a bikini in Forgetting Sarah Marshall? All I can say is: HOT. Or I could have been cheesy and said "electrifying." Nah, let's go with hot.

Is Claire really the catalyst?
Timex: Sure, why not? Every other season revolves around her for no apparent reason.

A. Hiro: I'm gonna take a wild guess and say it's actually Ando. Remember how he kills Hiro in an alternate future? There's more than meets the eye to this sidekick.

Milover: A little. But at least he can hang out with Isaac in future-telling-painter's heaven.

What, exactly, is Arthur's grand plan for the world?
Milover: I... actually don't know. Does anyone? Has Team Pinehearst ever detailed its goals this season?

Timex: I think I'm just about as stumped as the writers on this one. I guess he wants to give everyone superpowers so he can steal even more cool abilities.

A. Hiro: He's yet to say. That's the genius of it! (I actually just realized that I have no idea... have the bad guys really made it this unclear what they're actually planning? Why are viewers supposed to be afraid of them again?)

Will Hiro join Team Primatech or Team Pineheart?

A. Hiro: I'm just hoping he joins Team Interesting again soon. I'm staring to forget the days when Hiro was a useful character on the show.

Milover: Team Pineheart. He's the one who let the formula loose in the first place, remember?

Timex: Oh, Hiro, as long as you get out of the bowling alleys and back onto the battlefield I really don't care which team you join. Okay, I lied. Please join Primatech.

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