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Welcome to our 18th Heroes Round Table.

While fans of the show gather in the

Will you miss the African spirit walk dude?
Timex: What? No. Is that seriously a question? I honestly laughed when his head came off. Now, if you could find a way to bring back Adam Monroe I'd be happy. Now that's a guy I miss!

A. Hiro: Not really. He had a cool accent, but the character was nothing more than a plot device to move the story along in convenient ways.

Milover: A little. But at least he can hang out with Isaac in future-telling-painter's heaven.

Is Elle the mother of Sylar's future son?
Milover: Elle yes! (Get it?!?!?)

Timex: Heck yeah.  I see it in her eyes.  She loves those bushy eyebrows.  And how can you not?  As for Sylar, you lucky frigging dog.  Up top, man!

A. Hiro: Wouldn't that imply that she's pregnant during all her current-day adventures? I fail to see a baby bump of any kind.

Which do you miss more: Peter's season one hair or The Haitian?
A. Hiro: Peter's hair. He seems to have lost 10 brain cells for every inch it's been shortened.

Milover: I miss the Haitian. But I question his motives now. Always seemed like a good dude, right? Then why hasn't he just gotten together with the well-meaning Heroes, such as Nathan, and hung out - denying the bad guys their power - while they saved the world?

Timex: Totally the nurse's locks.  Peter, it's never to late to grow them back.  Use that regenerative ability of yours.  Cut hair can regenerate, right?  I have no idea.  Discuss it in the comments.  If so, for all you people looking for a job for Peter, let's make him a hair model for Supercuts!

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