Brandi M. Wins Rock of Love Girls: Charm School

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Brandi M. proved to be the most studious skank last night, as this contestant overcame challenges from Lacey and Destiney to capture the Rock of Love Girls: Charm School crown.

When asked by VH1 what her strategy for victory was, Brandi replied:

My strategy was not to hurt anybody, because that’s not my style. I’m a nice person. I definitely was there to give it my all, and knock ‘em all out one-by-one. When it came down to Destiney, though, I didn’t want to knock her out. I couldn’t have gone out with a better runner.

If she would have won, I would have been so happy for her. By the end, when I started winning the challenges, I could really feel victory. It’s like The Secret: if you really want it, you have to really imagine it and see it.

Brandi M. Photo

Do you think Brandi M. was worthy of the Charm School victory?

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