Interview with Brian Hallisay and JoAnna Garcia

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Recently, MediaBlvd Magazine was lucky enough to sit down with Brian Hillisay and JoAnna Garcia, the beautiful actors behind Will and Megan.  So what did these two say about where their characters and show is going?

MediaBlvd: Joanna, who do you think Megan should end up with, romantically?
Joanna: I definitely think that there is a lovely chemistry with Megan and Charlie having known each other for so long. He clearly cares a lot about her, and knows about her and where she comes from. With what’s been aired, and with what people know of the two characters, there is going to be a lot that will surprise people. At the end of the day, I think Megan is coming into her own. She’s trying to shake the skeletons in her closet and fall in love and open herself up to that world. With the hope and longing for that in her life, you’ll be surprised to get to see all of that. As for Will, there is the potential to be a huge love story there for Megan. They discover things within each other that they didn’t really know about themselves. Charlie has a girlfriend now. Who knows where he will end up, what he will end up doing, and what his feelings ultimately will be for Megan.

Charlie Gives Megan Advice

MediaBlvd: Brian, how do you think Will really feels about Megan?
Brian: Megan is unlike any girl that Will has ever met, in his life. He has been raised with that wealth and the social life that he’s had. He’s never really had to think too much about what it is that he really wants out of a girl. I would imagine that everything has come fairly easy to him, socially and with the co-eds. Then, this girl came, in a bit of a whirlwind, and made a real impression on him. They bring out things in each other that perhaps they didn’t know about. There’s a real synergy there. He’s finding himself thinking about things that he’s never really thought about before, and that’s given him a reason to take pause and really take a look at what’s going on, and perhaps change his ways and start to look at relationships and the possibility of settling down with somebody, whereas he hadn’t before.

Megan's Jaw Drops

MediaBlvd: What’s coming up for your characters?
Joanna: For Megan, you’re going to get to know her family a lot more, for all that it is and for all that it isn’t. That’s going to bring out a lot of emotions in her, and how she’s relating to them as an adult, as opposed to a child. She relied on the drama in her life to avoid dealing with other things. You’re going to see a beautiful love affair occur, and get to know Lily (Kristina Apgar), Megan’s sister, a little bit more. You will really see the girls take off and be really proud of the improvements in their grades and how they’re being a little bit more responsible. They’re still naughty and mischievous, but Megan is going to be really proud of what’s to come for those two.

Lily at the Party

Brian: For Will, along the lines of the relationship with Megan, there’s going to be steps to be taken and there’s going to be a new vulnerability to the character. He’s going to be walking in unfamiliar territory and, perhaps, feeling certain ways for the first time. He’s going to continue to learn more about himself through this relationship with Megan and, as that relationship becomes more prominent in the storyline, you will inevitably find out more about where Will is coming from, his family, a little bit of his past, and some things that you may not necessarily expect.

You can read the rest of the interview at MediaBLVD.

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