The Least Sensical Development on Heroes, Volume I

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We can't take it anymore.

Following a series of Heroes episodes that almost make the show's second season seem entertaining, our staff has come up with a new site feature. It's called The Least Sensical Development on Heroes.

Let's take a look at last night's nominees!

  1. Remember how last week's episode ended with HRG aiming a rifle directly at Elle and Sylar as they kissed? To open last night's episode, we see Elle and Sylar, post-coital. Only then does a shot ring out. Is the show implying that HRG waited for the couple to get it on before trying to take out his arch nemesis?
  2. Mohinder returned to work for Arthur after his scales returned. Hey, when you're an outcast in society due to your looks, why not join the man trying to destroy the world? Perhaps this is Rosie O'Donnell's eventual plan.
  3. We're not done with Mohinder yet: what happened to his uninhibited aggression? Remember when he killed a random dude in the park? Now, the only remnants of his abilities appear to be bad skin.
  4. So Sylar killed Elle (pictured below) because... ummm... he couldn't control his murderous hunger any more? And so he chose a target with whom he had a close relationship and whose abilities he already possessed? We give up.
  5. How the heck did Parkman find Ando and Hiro at the comic book store? He left Daphne's Kansas farm home and happened to know exactly where his friends were located?
  6. Peter knows how to use a machine gun? Gosh. The curriculum at nursing school has changed a lot.

Which development made the least sense? If you can stop your head from spinning, write in and let us know!

Death to Elle!

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