Corn Fed and Real: It's Over!

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We're you're sitting down, Real Chance of Love fans.

Like so many reality TV relationships before them, Corn Fed and Real have broken up. :(

The reason, according to Corn Fed's recent blog post, was a combination of distance... and Real's relationships with other women. To wit:

I asked him about why he didn't share with me that he proposed to Hoops he said that it wasn't a big deal. I mean come on, it's a marriage proposal. How is that not a big deal. Believe me I am very very far from a jealous person, but when I have to see my boyfriend propose to another woman on national television along with millions of people with NO for warning, it hurt my feelings.

So, after that our relationship started to fizzle. We didn't see eye to eye on many things. Also, there were other things that happened in my life and I tried to reach out to him and he wasn't there for me.

Corn Fed Photo
Keeping it Real

VH1 then asked Corn Fed if the relationship was really, truly, absolutely over. Her response?

Yes. I don’t know what he’s going to say about it, but anything he says is a lie. I’m so sick of holding this in. I held it in for way too long. I’m still the same person and I want people to see that I’m a real person who had real feelings going into this. I was hurt bad. Like, really, really bad.

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