Hosea Rosenberg Speaks on Top Chef Victory

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Congratulations, Hosea Rosenberg!

The new Top Chef champion spoke on his victory with Entertainment Weekly. Here are excerpts from the interview:

A lot of the viewers weren’t fans of Toby this season. What did you think about him? Compared to the other chefs?
I thought he was hilarious. He was cracking me up a lot. He definitely made fun of me, made fun of everybody, made fun of himself. It was refreshing to see a new attitude on the judges’ table. I didn’t always agree with what he was saying. But I think overall, he was funny. I didn’t have any problems with him.

Hosea Rosenberg Photo

What was the hardest challenge for you?
The hardest challenge, but probably one of the most exciting challenges, I think was Le Bernardin. I loved being there, even though I didn’t [prepare] my monkfish perfectly. I really was just honored and felt happy. It was something special to be cooking in [Eric Ripert’s] kitchen, cooking his food. But that was also one of the hardest. I felt intimidated, and [was] under a severe amount of stress.

How did it feel to watch the show last night?
Oh, it was so fun. We did a big viewing party at a restaurant. [The show] was [playing] on the big screen and there were hundreds of people there, and people [were] holding up signs with my name on it and just cheering every time the judges said something nice to me.

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