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We know True Blood's second season feels like it's never coming, but that's why we got a few minor True Blood spoilers from the cast.  Well, really we should say more like True Blood hints.  Here's what the cast recently said to Kristin Dos Santos:

Stephen Moyer, who plays Bill, said this about if Eric will break up Bill and Sookie, "I couldn't possibly say. I honestly don't know, but I think that there will be all the conflict that there needs to be to make it a great frisson."

Bill and Sookie

On Bill's new little vampire Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) he says, "She is nuts—and fantastic."

How about fan favorite Layfayette?  On whether he'll return, the actor who portrays him, Nelsan Ellis, says "They have to wait and see."  If he's offered the role, will he take it? Ellis says "Absolutely, yeah, I'll come back. I'll take the paycheck.  I love the fact that people are invested in this story. I like Lafayette, and I like that people like him."

As for Tara's love life, Michelle Forbes says the thing with Sam isn't totally over.  She says, "[Sam and Tara have] a complicated relationship, and Sam still kind of has that little thing for Sookie. But Tara loves her some Sam—so we'll see."

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