Heroes Round Table: Shades of Gray

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Welcome to our 26th Heroes Round Table.

While fans of the show gather in the forums to discuss every character and storyline, our staff comes together every week to analyze the latest developments from the latest episode.

Topics in this edition include: Claire's decision, Nathan's reversal and Tracy. Let's get to the Q&A...

Should Claire have helped Doyle?
A. Hiro: NO! It's all well and good Claire wants to help her friends... but then why not help her friends?!? The last we saw of Doyle, he was acting in as deplorable a fashion as possible. It was very strange to have him just show up, ask for help - and actually receive it!

Milover: Of course not. But this wasn't about Doyle. Claire has now chosen to be a proactive Hero. I'm interested to see where that goes.

Timex: Yes. Can't people change? She didn't intervene until she saw that Doyle didn't kill that agent, even when he had the chance to.

So... is Nathan a good guy again?
Timex: I has a problem with this. I understand Nathan never meant real harm to his friends, but didn't he expect this sort of mission might get messy? It was awfully ignorant of him to turn on the Hunter just because things slipped a bit out of control.

A. Hiro: It's a gray area, hence the episode's title! Nathan truly had the best interests of his country in mind when this volume began. Now he's seen the error in his ways. Nothing wrong with that.

Milover: He always planned on keeping Claire safe, that's nothing new. Nathan was never a true villain, that's what volume three taught us. There's good and bad inside everyone.

Do you want Tracy to die?
Milover: Yes.

Timex: Yes.

A. Hiro: Yes.

Were you satisfied with Sylar's meeting with his father?

A. Hiro: For the most part. I wanted to learn a bit more about Mr. Gray between the time he killed Sylar's mom and this meeting.

Milover: Nope. Where was that epic father/son showdown?!? Like Sylar, I wanted a true battle to escalate, resulting in the death of Mr. Gray.

Timex: I'm satisified now that it's over. We need Sylar to get involved in the main storyline again.

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