How I Met Your Mother Recap: "Murtaugh"

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There's definitely plot-driven How I Met Your Mother episodes that advance the overall storyline and then there are just plain silly sitcom episodes that stand on their own.  Last night's "Murtaugh" was definitely the latter.

During one of the silliest, best intros of any show, Barney gets banned from laser tag for life and decides to exact revenge by toilet papering the place with Ted. However, Ted says he's too old for that and adds it to his Murtaugh list.

Barney Plays Laser Tag

The list is named after Lethal Weapon's Murtaugh and his famous catch phrase, "I'm getting too old for this sh..."  From there, Barney tries to prove you're never too old by completing the entire list in 24 hours.  Meanwhile, Marshall was coaching Lily's basketball team at school with hilarious over-exaggerated results.

Catch up on the full zany episode in our "Murtaugh" recap and enjoy some of the quotes from the episode:

Barney: Laser tag knows no age restrictions, much like stripping in the Midwest | permalink
Marshall [to basketball ref]: There's a Teen wolf! On the court! That can't be legal! | permalink
Barney [about his infected piercing]: My ear hurts so bad I can hear it. I can hear my own ear! | permalink

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