How I Met Your Mother Spoilers: Barney and Robin Inevitable

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Ever since Barney and Robin shared that night pf passion, How I Met Your Mother fans have been dying to know if these two will ever get together again.

Luckily, co-creator Carter Bays has revealed to Kristin Dos Santos that a Barney and Robin relationship is "inevitable."

Oh and even the openly homosexual Neil Patrick Harris reveals that "When I watch [Robin and Barney] making out, I get a boner. So I can only assume that the rest of America would follow suit."  And we do from the privacy of our own homes.

Barney and Robin

According to Carter, "We've written the dramatic climax of the story, and now we're going back and writing toward it. I'm very excited to eventually get there, but it's also a lot of fun figuring out how to slowly maneuver these characters closer and closer toward the inevitable."

As far as kids go on the show, don't worry about Alyson Hannigan or Cobie Smulders' baby bumps.  Accordg to Bays, "We're going to hold off on that until we have told every last ‘the gang goes to the bar and gets drunk' story we could possibly think of."

With Barney in the group, we're sure they have awhile.

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