The Ghost Whisperer Baby Daddy Update: Who Knocked Up Melinda?

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Melinda Gordon is knocked up.

This is one Ghost Whisperer spoiler that was leaked as soon as we all saw shots of Jennifer Love Hewitt on set with a baby bump.

So, who is the child's father? Jim or Sam? According to an interview the series creator gave E! Online, all signs points to... Jim.

"Do the math: less time has passed for our characters than has passed in the broadcast calendar," said P.K. Simonds. "Basically, time slowed down in the aftermath of the big events at the beginning of the season. [The 12 episodes] since Jim died have taken less than 12 weeks in terms of Jim and Melinda's lives."

Are You Okay?!?

Wait... so So might Melinda have been pregnant this entire time without realizing it?

"Sometimes you don't notice something like that," Simonds said. "Especially going through what she's gone through - the cycles [can be] interrupted by traumatic events."

Wow. TMI, dude.

As for tonight's episode, "Leap of Faith," Simonds isn't why about it's implications.

"The entire season was built and designed and carefully engineered to give this particular episode the biggest possible punch, the biggest payoff to our audience, especially our loyal viewers who stuck it out."

The creator added that fans who "make it through this one will be very, very happy."

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