Evan Alex Cole Speaks on As the World Turns Role

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Evan Alex Cole debuts on As the World Turns, in the role of Hunter, tomorrow.

In a new interview, the young actor spoke on the new character.

Q: Tell us about the character of Hunter. He's a computer geek that Emily hires to work at The Intruder?
Evan Alex Cole: I feel like we kind of know this sort of person. Everyone knows the guy who spends way too much time behind the computer, and the variety of social quirks that sort of thing can generate. I think that's pretty tangible. In the storyline, Hunter gets promoted from the IT Department at The Intruder. Because of the economic climate, the paper could go under. Lucinda introduces me to Emily, my co-editor and then...

Evan Alex Cole

Q: Will Hunter be interacting mostly with Emily? Or will he share scenes with some of the younger characters on the show?
Evan Alex Cole: Being new in town, or at least new around town since he's been behind his computer and on the web, Hunter has to learn some social graces and particularly how to be around people his own age. We learn later he's had kind of a solitary life other than his mother and a confusing past. Alison, Casey and Jade help him figure some of that out.

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