Gretchen Rossi is Pro-Gay Marriage

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Finally, an issue on which we can agree with Gretchen Rossi.

We can't take the reality TV star's side when it comes to hooking up with Slade Smiley, nor when she whines about photos of herself on the toilet being leaked (pun... intended!).

OC Housewife

But the Real Housewife of Orange County was recently asked about Carrie Prejean - the Miss USA contestant that caused a stir last week when she came out against gay marriage during the pageant - and said:

“I have a lot of dear friends within the community, and I think they’re wonderful, great people. They’re the most talented, friendly, outgoing friends to have, so I think everybody should be OK with everybody having the same rights.”

We never thought we'd say this, but: Amen, Gretchen!

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