Southland Spoilers: Yes, Cooper is Gay

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It's official: Southland is NBC's latest hit drama.

The show's series premiere scored higher ratings than this season's average on ER.

So, what's to come? E! Online has provided fans with a series of scoops for the episodes ahead...

Sherman's struggles: Viewers will continue to follow the rookie, as he attempts to fit in with the squad. According to Benjamin McKenzie: "[The experience] is like getting hazed into a fraternity, but it's a fraternity you're going to be in for the rest of your life."

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Sherman's goals: As hinted at last week, Sherman became beat officer in the LAPD to distinguish himself apart from his dad. "He very definitely chose to become a patrol officer. He chose to start off in law enforcement at the street level, in order to go his own way," McKenzie said. "His father is a high-powered defense lawyer, and [Ben] could have gone to law school and become a prosecutor if he really hated his father that much."

Cooper's closet: It was subtle, but it was also clear last week Michael Cudlitz's character, John Cooper, is gay. This will be explored deepver episode three; there's actually a seven-minute scene that was cut from the pilot, says producer John Wells. "He is a gay police officer, [but] certainly at the LAPD that's not an extraordinary event. It will simply be a fact of his life."

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