Breaking Bad Spoilers: Season Two Finale

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Fans of AMC's sleeper hit Breaking Bad, which is coming down the home stretch of its second season, have been clamoring for info on the season finale May 31.

According to its lead actor, the season-ender is reminiscent of Weeds.

Speaking to E! Online, Bryan Cranston says the following, "I can say that everything my character has been working to protect - his family - could be falling apart completely."

"Everything is in jeopardy, and I get closer and closer to being caught by my brother-in-law, who is the DEA agent. Then my drug partner, Jesse, develops a relationship."

"He's really crazy about this young girl, and I don't like her, so things ultimately come to a head because I don't like the growing influence that she has on him."

Brian Cranston in Breaking Bad

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