Flash Forward Character Introduction: Olivia Benford

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With ABC already promoting Flash Forward as the next Lost, we'll be covering the show in-depth at TV Fanatic.

Before the drama premieres this fall, all readers will have an extensive knowledge of various characters on the mysterious series. First, it was Mark Benford.

Now, let's learn about his wife Olivia...

The character, a successful pediatric surgeon, is played by Sonya Walger (yep, Penny from Lost). She's a confident, focused doctor that's known for being a tough mentor with interns.

Olivia Benford Photo

Olivia's superior knowledge and compassion for her patients earn her respect from the hospital staff. At home, she's especially close to daughter Charlie.

While the marriage between Olivia and Mark has suffered through rough spots, she's strongly devoted to her family and is committed to doing whatever it takes to make it work.

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I didn't just lose consciousness; my consciousness went somewhere else.

Mark Benford

We've been saying people have been blacking out, but that wasn't my experience. More like a dream.

Mark Benford