How I Met Your Mother Recap: "As Fast as She Can"

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Last night's How I Met Your Mother started off directly where the previously week's episode ended, with Ted running into Stella on a steet corner.  Our nice little surprise this episode is that we find out that she's with Tony (the ex she left Ted for).

Stella and Tony

From there, Tony meets up with Ted later to confess how guilty he's felt about taking Stella and spends the rest of the episode attempting to make it up to Ted.  Barney, meanwhile, was on a  quest to get pulled over and get out of the ticket.

Find out how Tony made his ammends and if Barney succeeded in our "As Fast as She Can" recap.

Now for some instant classic How I Met Your Mother quotes from the episode:

Barney: License and registration?
Lady Cop: Excuse me
Barney: I can only assume you need a license to have a face that beautiful. And that body? I'm guessing something that explosive has to be registered with the proper authorities | permalink
Barney: You, sir, got Stella thinking: "Gosh, Ted seemed so cool today. Did I choose the wrong guy?" Give it a week, you'll get her back. And her front, oh! Did you feel that? I think we just had a "what up?" quake | permalink
Marshall: That's a line from a porno. I've seen that porno. Hell, I've made that porno.
Barney: When will you guys realize that the only difference between my real life and a porno is my life has better lighting? | permalink

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